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What is the Private Media Channel?


You’ve probably seen advertisements of different video hosting, live streaming and live conferencing companies, video editing tools, and a whole lot of other companies promising to make your video hosting experience better. Now you are probably thinking, “Why am I still reading this? This is just another advertisement in the form of a blog.” Well, all I can say is read on and be enlightened.

Here’s all that you need to know about the Private Media Channel

Our strongest feature—Security

There’s a reason why we call our platform “Secure Video Hosting.” When you employ our software, you will get the most secure platform to host your videos. We have a little something known as AES128, which means “Advanced Encryption Standard-128” and this is a pretty high security standard for videos.

The super cool AES128 ensures the following:
1. There is no unapproved access, that is, only people who you approve will be able to enter your channel and view your content. This is ensured by having a separate user name and password for each user.
2. Your content is safe and I mean utterly butterly safe. Nobody can download it once it has been uploaded in the channel, not even you!
3. What about embeds, you may ask. Well they are safe too.
4. Anything and everything in your channel will be encrypted and safe and you have the supreme power to control everything in your channel.

Our famed feature—Monetization

Times have changed. People nowadays want to make money out of their passion. For those who own videos and are longing to make it a source of income, we are the answer to your search.

Here are the super powers of this feature that might interest you:
1. You can charge any amount for your videos. There is no limitation on the charge that you set for your users. You can even charge a million dollars to watch your videos (provided your users are ready to pay for it).
2. The charge can vary for different groups of users, according to your pricing strategy.
3. The videos will be accessible to your viewers only after they subscribe.
4. The cherry on the cake, we take no part in the transactions between you and your users.
5. We offer payment gateways such as PayPal and, which make it highly convenient and safe for your users to make payments.

Hence, monetizing videos is easy and safe through the Private Media Channel.


Our desired feature—Access controls

Access controls are highly desired by a lot of channel owners. Right from mega university channels to simple tutorial channels, everyone likes to wants to exercise control.

Here’s what helps you steer the ship:
1. You can categorize your users into different communities based on their class, department, course, etc. The point here is that you can control the settings for different users.
2. Who can watch what, when, and how much they pay is also controlled by you.
3. Different roles can be allotted to users. A role determines how many videos a user can view and the controls they have within the channel.
4. You can set a limit on the number of times the user can watch a video even after paying you.

Use Case: These access controls and educational institutions, companies and pretty much every organization are a match made in heaven for all the needs of video hosting.

Our awesomeness

Here are some more funky features that you will love.

1. No Advertisements!!! Redemption!!!

The most annoying part about YouTube is advertisements. They kill attention span and the mood of the viewer. The Good News, however, is that the Private Media Channel does not allow any advertisements.

2. No Buffering

We acknowledge the fact that not everyone has high speed internet connection. Hence, we have employed HLS (read more about HLS here), which adjusts with the quality of the video according to your internet speed, thus preventing buffering.

3. White-labelling/Branding

You own your channel. You brand your channel. How cool is that!

4. HD Viewing

Okay, now I am sure I have got your attention. Everyone loves HD and we play in HD. The reason is as simple as that.

I am not done yet. There are many more in this list.

5. Customizable channel

Your channel. Your colors. Your logo. Simple as that.

6. Subtitles/Closed Captioning

Going global? No glitches. Use the subtitle feature and have the entire world hooked to your videos.

7. Email notifications

Notify your users about new content, live streaming, live conferences etc.


One-stop shop

A pat on our back for the Private Media Channel, a combination of a lot of little cool features. In addition to secure video hosting, we also have live streaming and live conferencing (click on the links to know more). And yes, they are highly secure. Only permitted users can participate in the live conference. Live streaming, on the other hand, requires access for viewing. These again have a whole list of added features in them.


Now I am done with the list. Convinced why the Private Media Channel is the best place for your videos? Learn more about us at Niche Video Media (because this blog is already long and I just don’t want to make it longer). With every release we add more to our list of features. Stay tuned to this blog and we will show you how awesome our product is.

Oops! I almost forgot. To get the best idea about our product, sign up for a free trial.